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About Convergent

We use data and evidence to maximise the impact of your work

In our extremely dynamic world, the need for reliable data, information and insights for informed decisions has never been greater. With innumerable sources of information, clients need more than a data-supplier.

Convergent is founded with a single-minded purpose – to provide high quality insights on how people make their choices as citizens, as voters and as consumers. Convergent operates as the most credible start-up in the areas of consumer insights, public policy and political advisory supported by technology and data-sciences. The key objective of the organisation is to identify the most authentic data sources, bring back the credibility of the primary data, draw actionable recommendations to help clients in their efforts to design impactful behaviour change, marketing and communication interventions. The organisation continuously strives to go to produce accurate and relevant insights and turn it into recommendations our clients can act upon in order to maximise the impact of their work.

Our leadership team and the experts work relentlessly to provide the most precise measurement, but also use it to provide complete understanding of society, markets and people.

We bring together the data and evidence which is produced using a wide variety of tools ranging from classical research methods to advanced machine learning. We use the methods expertise, technology, social science and sectoral knowledge coupled with complete transparency and speed.