About IRB

Convergent sponsors an autonomous and an internationally recognised Institutional Review Board. The Institutional Review Board of Convergent View Research & Consultancy has been constituted to ensure quality of research and to encourage the appropriate use of research on human subjects. The Convergent-IRB is registered with the Division of Assurance and Quality Improvement of the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP), USA (IRB Registration Number: IORG0010818).

The Purpose

The IRB has been created with the purpose of supporting and promoting the initiatives undertaken by various organisations with regard to the ethics related to the human subject research. The IRB plays a critical role in ensuring that the international and domestic organisations are appropriately supported on the sensitive issues while executing research in the country. The IRB reviews the research papers submitted and issues certificates. IRB is a non-profit initiative sponsored by Convergent.

Certification Process-Standard Operating Protocols

A detailed standard operating protocol can be downloaded here. You may please get in touch with info@convergentview.com for any further information.

IRB Panel

The Convergent-IRB has eminent experts as its panel members, from various fields of research including public health, gender, WASH, human development and law. It has conducted reviews of several projects from organizations like GIZ, Access Health International Inc, FSG Advisors, IDFC Institute, BBC Media Action, Gallup India Private Limited, and Dasra, IPAS, Karvy Insights Limited,

Confidentiality Statement

Convergent-IRB is committed to strong client data confidentiality. The process and systems that are followed to protect the data confidentiality include:

Apply for IRB Review

Please send your application in the prescribed format or write to us for any clarifications to info@convergentview.com. Application instructions are given in the standard operating protocol. IRB is a non- profit initiative of Convergent. Convergent only charges review and administrative expenses from the applicants. The review charges, not inclusive of other support services, for a non-profit organisation is INR 35,000 and for a for-profit is INR 50,000 excluding GST. Fee is payable strictly before the review.